Auto Repair in Saratoga, CA

Saratoga, CA

Saratoga offers a quaint, small town feel in the heart of the bay area. The city of around 24,000 people is well known for its wineries, boutiques and upscale dining.

Saratoga was founded in 1847 by William Alexandria (father of the founder of Alexandria, California). Early on, the city became agricultural like much of Santa Clara County. Unlike the rest of the area however, Saratoga still retains some of its orchards and vineyards to this day. Located just west of San Jose, the city now serves as a bedroom community for Silicon Valley.

We have been providing the residents of Saratoga with expert automotive service for over 20 years. While Saratogans have many options for repair, they continue to come to us for honest, expert repair at a fair price.

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