After a dealership service outfit told me that I needed to replace my rear brake pads and the estimated cost I decided to I needed to do some research on alternative and hopefully more reasonably priced options (or at least verify that the estimate they gave me was reasonable because it sounded fishy to me).

I found Old Ox Tire & Auto on Google and noticed all the good reviews. I called them and Jason was able to answer all my questions and provide a detailed estimate for my rear brake replacement and indeed it was a lot more reasonably and fairly priced. I was able to schedule quickly and to my convenience. When I brought my vehicle in that is when the real customer service began!

Jason again gave a very detailed estimate of how they will do a full inspection, will communicate with me about their findings, and a complete estimate of the work I requested, and how long it will take. It should be noted that as a woman that I was treated both professionally and personably and making me feel very confident in proceeding with the work.

To my great surprise, Jason called to tell me that I did not in fact need to have my brakes replaced and that the tech had even double checked! It would have been very easy for them to go ahead and do the work that I brought the car in for and I would have still been happy. To know that they were so honest and forthright has made me a permanent customer in the future.

I did have my regular oil and filter change and was advised about some fluid flush that so.

So believe all these 5 star reviews for this tiny shop in Brookland! You will not be disappointed in their work, their rates, or their ethics! Forever grateful to have found them.